The premiere professional audio engineering and music production certificate school. Located in Santa Ana, California and privately accredited by the NPSAG.

IN THE STUDIO you will develop the skills needed to succeed in the professional world of audio engineering and music production. This program offers a unique combination of private instructions and ‘hands-on’ experience in our state-of- the-art studios. You will study our exclusive curriculum, complete your internship and develop your portfolio during the program. Learn one-on-one from 2016 Now Hip Hop Magazine and Producer of the Year Asaf Fulks. Build your connections and attend a school in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Discover the secrets of the pros, work one-on-one with industry professionals, shadow ‘live’ recording sessions and produce your own projects in our studios. Not only is our school the best preparation for success as a professional audio engineer, but the most affordable as well. Whether you are pursuing a career as an audio engineer and music producer, or want to improve your expertise IN THE STUDIO is the place for you!

Programs Include:
Our Exclusive Textbook -- IN THE STUDIO by Asaf Fulks | OC Recording School Certification accredited by the NPSAG | Pro Tools 101 textbook* | Modern Recording Techniques textbook* | Waves Audio Certification and plug-ins* | One-on-one private lessons with Asaf Fulks | Shadow "Live" studio sessions | Build your portfolio in our OC production studios | Complete your internship during the course | OC Recording T-Shirt | OC Express Album | Network with clients and students | Opportunity to collaborate with Asaf Fulks on an OC Recording and/or release* | and feature article* | Pro Tools* | Maschine Mikro* (* = select programs, see tuition options for more information)

Lessons Include:
The Engineer, Producer & The Music Business | Sound & Music Theory | Analog and Digital Audio | Microphones | Advanced Microphone Technique | Acoustics | Monitoring | Studio Design | Soldering | Patchbays | Synths | Studio Equipment | MIDI | Music Production | Equalization | Compression | Time Based FX | Tuning | Waves Certification Program | Pro Tools: Introduction, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering & Video Post Production

Genres Include:
Top 40 | Pop | Hip Hop | R&B | Electronic | Dance | EDM | Dubstep | Trap | Rock | Alternative | Reggae | Reggaeton | Acoustic | Jazz | Alternative | Indie | Singer Songwriter | Orchestral | Latin | Blues | Country | Voice Overs | Vocals | Instrumentals | Sound Design | Film Scores | Foley | ADR and more...

Audio School Orange County OC Recording Music Production and Engineering

OCRS Audio School Orange County OC, California Music Production, Audio Engineering, In The Studio

Our Standard program lasts 20 weeks. Students meet each week with Asaf Fulks for a one hour private session and with a private tutor for a two hour private session to cover the weekly lesson. Lesson times are flexible. The rest of the week students are encouraged to shadow live studio sessions, utilize our studios to work on their projects and to collaborate with other students. In addition to music production and audio engineering, we teach students about the industry, how they can succeed and how to become marketable candidates for jobs. They see first hand what it takes to run a successful studio business and record label, from a top industry professional -- gaining valuable experience and credentials for their resume. After lesson 20 students are required to pass our final exam and Waves Audio's Certification exam. Upon successful passing of these exams and completion of their final projects students will receive our audio engineering and music production certificate and Waves Audio WCP certification.

Our e20 and 40 week extended programs are designed to give students extra time in our studios and guidance from our instructors. We firmly believe that a strong body of work in the music industry is just as valuable as any certificate or degree. These courses consist of 10-20 extra weeks following the completion of the standard 20 week program. During this time students focus on building a strong portfolio. They will meet one-on-one with Asaf to write, produce, record, mix and master their own professional songs, film scores and/or sound design projects. We can also teach students web design, graphics design and video editing using Adobe software. Our graduate Ako's final project music video has nearly 250k views on Facebook alone and has reached over a million people!

We are pleased to offer outstanding graduates of our 40 week course the opportunity to have their project released under OC Recording and featured in Now Hip Hop Magazine, and upon graduation! Students of the 40 week course also receive complimentary copies of Avid Pro Tools and Native Instruments Maschine. OC Recording students receive discounts on MXL Microphones, Fabfilter and Soundtoys plug-ins. Qualified students of the 6 week courses and up will have the opportunity to collaborate with Asaf Fulks on an OC Recording release!

Check out our IN THE STUDIO students work featured in the LOST DISCS collection!

OCRS graduate Josh Robin has gone on to work at OC Recording and release several single through our record label!

pro tools maschine

OC Recording students and alumni receive great discounts on world class audio gear and promotion!

Waves Audio WCP Certification, Audio Engineering Music Production, In The Studio at The OC Recording Company in Orange County, California

Become Waves audio certified! This is an informative course. Lots of interesting background on the plug-ins, how they work and why Waves developed certain presets. Includes world class processors that have been used on countless hit records!

Here are our enrollment and tuition options. Student loans are now available -- contact us for more information!

Whether you are a beginner or professional, we look forward to helping you take your skills and career to the next level -- IN THE STUDIO! For students not local to Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire or the greater southern California area, we now offer our program completely Online through Skype! You can apply directly through our site at the application page. Please contact us with any questions.