Asaf fulks - oc mix buss

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OC Mix Buss is Asaf David Fulks third solo album which he wrote, composed, performed, produced and engineered at The OC Recording Company in Orange County, California. Each song will bereleased as music video/singles and the full album will eventually beavailable at all major digital retailers!

There are 13 attributes of God. In Hebrew, the number 13 signifies the infinite and equals love. This release is a soulful, spiritual, contemporary fusion of spoken word, poetry, R&B, orchestral music and heartfelt vocals -- the 13th Sphere is here ft. Kira Shimoni Fulks! Dedicated to Ehud Shimoni

WHYS is a hard hitting hip hop, spoken word, classical music crossover. Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks deliver a powerful blend of symphonic orchestration, heartfelt melodies, riveting rhythms and thought provoking lyrics.

'Regardless of It All' is an R&B, classical music, contemporary crossover song about love and hopes that never end. This piano-driven ballad features heartfelt vocals, lyrical spoken word, sweeping basslines and harmonious choirs. Featured on Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks album OC MIX BUSS.

Walkin' on a Wire is an original piano driven song featuring electric guitar, thought provoking lyrics, powerful singing and poetic spoken word. Mom and son duo, Asaf and Kira, deliver a moving message in this latest release off their OC MIX BUSS album.

Asaf Fulks - WTF IS A FRIEND? ft. Yakira Shimoni Fulks is an artistic fusion of middle eastern Kurdish music, poetry, spoken word, Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Asaf Productions signature sound. This is the first release off Asaf David Fulks new album OC Mix Buss.

Wassup you all, listen up! Momma K has has a special Mother's Day message -- DON'T BE A HATER! This uplifting song has a motivational message for children and adults alike. "Life is a magic ride, stand up and live with pride!" Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!