• Most of it Now by Asaf Fulks has a exceptionally strong lyrics and I found the distorted vocals opening the track very attractive. The rap section is fantastic and fits in perfectly with the melody. Fulks's voice is pretty phenomenal in this song. I absolutely love it! Green Roses is a heady, intense song. I love the melody, Fulks's voice of course and the over-all production. The vocal layering are very very impressive and I also would like to mention the wonderful piano that's a great foil to the vocal melody. The electric guitar improvisations are intricate and engaging. This is an awesome song and playing on repeat in my car:-) :-) Sunny Days is a glorious track showcasing Fulks's and Gla's magical voices. This song is also very visual in its appeal with its very descriptive and inventive lyrics . The love the chorus line...a groovy foot-tapping song :-) A perfect song for the sunny days :-)
    --Rickey Kej, Grammy Winner | #1 Billboard artist | Global Peace Ambassador & Conservationist

Asaf, your level of talent is truly unbelievable. OC Express and the accompanying music videos are amazing. You are a real virtuoso, just so incredibly prolific and I love all the singles you've released this year. I don't know how you get so much done! I was just listening to Love Has Taken Over. The first part of the song reminds me of some of the stuff David Gilmour is doing. I feel like you're really evolving as an artist, which is something ALL musicians should be doing, all the time.
--Gurujas Khalsa, White Sun | #1 Bilboard Artist, Grammy Award Winner

Smooth variety! I feel OC EXPRESS is love in music! It?s a true masterpiece with a well-balanced playlist that leaves you with varied emotions with the unconventional music and beat combinations. The vocals get you singing along, especially UNDER THE MOONLIGHT and PUT THE WEAPONS DOWN. Each track is significantly different from the other, bringing out the diversity in the influences and the common ground in terms of smoothness and richness. My favourite - WE BELONG AT THE TOP. Hats off to this record!
--Wouter Kellerman, #1 Bilboard Artist, Grammy Award Winner

It was good to hang with my friend Asaf, a great guy, super basketball player, and award winning music producer.
--Judge Andrew J. Guilford, California District Court

  • Thanks Asaf! You're a beast for that mixing by the way. I'm low key kind of a fan. You got a swagger with your mixing..
    --DJ Ill Will, World Renowned DJ

Asaf is the man that makes me sound somewhat decent lol, he does a great job!
--Josh Leyva, YouTube Star (1.8 Million Subscribers)

  • Asaf you are one of the most creative artists and your music is of the best I have received this year! And on top of everything, you are an amazing engineer too. Your studio is beautiful!
    --Oscar Autie II, Latin Grammy Award Winning Engineer

    The strong pulsating in Asaf Fulks - Down With the King just draws you in, stunning production. Love the heart-felt vocals and the rap!
    --Wouter Kellerman, #1 Bilboard Artist, Grammy Award Winner

    Love what you're doing Asaf. You are incredibly productive, motivated, and you use the resources in front of you and make something beautiful. It's very inspiring.You just go for it, I LOVE THAT! This is the true spirit of the indie artist. You're a very talented film maker as well. I'm a photographer as well and have produced all the White Sun videos, so I know what goes into it. You are very innovative.I love that you waited until the sun was low so you could catch the light in the lens, you dod that in several places, in the alley, in the car, I really appreciate your use of different angles, the ferris wheel shots are so great!! And the editing is great too. Really beautiful work!
    --Santosh Kaur Khalsa, #1 Bilboard Artist

    Asaf Sunny Days is a great song and great video! Super fun and super catchy! You are doing awesome work and I wish you much success!
    --Adam Berry, #1 Bilboard Artist, Composer Universal Studios, Disney, Grammy Winner

    I listened to a few of your videos Asaf. The man can sing even has a high range! Great work -do it all by yourself - videos too everything looks fabulous!
    --Darlene Koldenhoven, GRAMMY-Winning Vocalist and independent artist

    Dear Asaf congratulations on all your works this year. Count with my support my friend.
    --Yalil Guerra, M.M., Latin Grammy Winner Composer and 6 Times Latin Grammy Nominee, President - National Association of Composers USA (LA Chapter)

    Today I have been enjoying the audio/video for all of the 6 singles you have shared with me. And what a remarkable collection of tunes this is and spanning so many genres. What is even more impressive is that you have composed, arranged, produced and engineered all of these songs in addition to the music and vocal performance; and then created these slick videos too. Just wow and it is nice for me to be better acquainted with your work. Some of the highlight for me would be the superb vocal hooks on "Green Roses" and "Sunny Days", the Middle eastern percussion vibe on "Cry for You", the superb Dubstep on "Most of it Now", the experimental vocal processing and video too on "24/7/365", and the lyric/ animation video for "Down with the King" with the nice blend of rap and West Coast hip hop that reminded me of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio. I also enjoyed the candid clips at the end of some of the music videos. Very nice!
    --Arun Shenoy, Grammy Nominated Producer and Composer

    No doubt you've been busy ---> 24/7/365 haha PUN INTENDED. GREAT PRODUCTION ALL AROUND. Love the concept of the vid and then the dubstep breakdown is nice!!! Green Roses really shows off your vocal versatility. I love the rhythms you play with when it comes to the melody and the beat with the electric car in the background. Cry For You - LOVE THE VIDE OF THIS SONG!!!! Sunny Days - one word. DOPE. MOST OF IT NOW - man please take this as a compliment, this is a very Jon B like song. I mean that in a great way. LOVE IT! Down w the king - HERE COMES THE FLOW!!! it's evident you are very talented my man!!!
    --Roger Ortega, Top Ten itunes Artist

    Love the videos Asaf!! This is the second time I am watching them to refresh my memory!!
    --Ciro Hurtado, Grammy Award Nominated Guitarist

    -Man, your videos are great! I love Sunny Days. You are really gifted brother!!!
    --Charles Denler, Emmy Award Winning Composer and Pianist

    Wow, Asaf! 24/7/365 is so awesome, you really don't stop my Brother!!! Wow, the writing, production quality and videos are all top shelf. You know I love your work! OC Express is a first class production, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it.
    --Paul Averginos, Grammy Winner

    Asaf, Cry For You is so heartfelt. Beautiful. Love it. Green Roses is a great song!!
    --Laura Sullivan, Grammy Winner

Asaf, you are the man!
--Matthew Boggs, Best Selling Author

Asaf, this mix is amazing. I'm good to go.
--KJ52, Award Winning Hip Hop Artist

Awesome recording and mixes Asaf! We are proud to have you as a Lynx customer, sir!!
--Mike Nicoletti, Lynx Studio Technologies

Asaf this mix/master sounds fantastic! The chorus hits perfectly. You are amazing and talented at your work!
--David Browning, Award Winning Producer

Get your ears on this shootout put together by the Brilliant Musician and Audio Engineer Asaf David Fulks !!!
--Geoff Tanner, Aurora Audio

Thank you for all your support and encouragement today. It was great to meet you, see your studio and your mom's beautiful paintings.. It was a real pleasure meeting you and Kira!
--Lynne Cox, Swimming World Record Holder

AND WE’RE DONE! Mad gratitude to the team at @ocrecording , particularly the mother/son team of Kira Fulks (her art is AMAZING) and
@asaffulks for making the process as painless as possible. Huge thanks. Where the magic got made this week. What a space. What art. Thanks again, @ocrecording. And we’re off! #BecomingHeroines
--Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, Author, Attorney, Activist

Asaf, we’ve been doing this Art for a while now. You are one of the most talented beings I’ve been blessed to work with. You’re so awesome 👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽�
--Ca'Laura Smith

Asaf, I just wanted to take the time to offer my appreciation for your outstanding work in recording my demo on Monday, 5/11/2020! Your meticulous attention to detail and quick, efficient editing made for a smooth recording session. Your studio is top notch with state-of-the-art equipment and offers a calming influence with the beautiful furniture and artwork. Very pleasing and comfortable.
--Joe Beltran, Voice Over Actor

Asaf, what a wonderful experience working with you in your studio! Thank you for helping me with my demos!
--Aisha Kennerly, Voice Over Actor

Asaf, Thank you for all the work you put into my voice over demos. Your care, precision and expertise really made the recordings sound great!
--Angelina Parque, Voice Over Actor

Asaf, thanks for your pro studio work yesterday in the studio. I appreciate you brother. Until next time. Take care.
--West Leclay, Voice Over Actor

Dear Asaf, you made yesterday's recording session a wonderful experience for me. I was extremely nervous, but your professionalism and the relaxed atmosphere you have created for clients put me immediately at ease. I also appreciated how seamlessly you worked with Nancy. I am certain she is as impressed as I am.
--Cindy Bright, Voice Over Actor

Just finished up a 5 hour recording session for my daughter. It was our first time ina recording studio and we couldn't be happier with Asaf and team. Asaf is a master at his craft, kind, and was eager to offer helpful suggestions without being overbearing. I highly recommend OC Recording Studio.
--Mark C.

I spent more than 6 months in 2018 recording an album at OC Recording Studio and was delighted to find Asaf. He has so much experience, so much training, and he was able to guide me through the process with confidence and great suggestions but without getting in the way. He has great musical sensitivity and an appreciation for many kinds of music. It's been nearly a decade since I spent much time in a studio, and the software Asaf uses is just short of magical.Many thanks to Asaf for his outstanding musical sensitivity, his mastery of digital recording and production techniques, and his experienced guidance throughout this project. I interviewed 4-5 Orange County recording studios and found that Asaf had what was needed to bring this album to fruition. He immediately recognized that this music was different from that of his usual clients — he was eager to tackle this project and was very encouraging from the start.He is expert in so many programs and techniques -- I highly recommend OC Recording Studio for most any band and most any project.
--Melissa Sweet, Sweet Soul Music

I recorded my audiobook for Audible and iTunes at OC Recording studio. The entire process - from the cost estimate to the time it'd take to complete the process, was handled very professionally. The studio is well equipped and Asaf works hard to deliver the right output per the expected specs. Most important of all, it is affordable. So for those who do not want to burn a hole in their pockets and produce a quality product at the same time, OC Recording is the right studio for you.
--Ajay Kaul, Author of Mumbai Matinee

Kicking it at OC recording and mastering a few key songs with the talented Asaf Fulks!! If you want your tracks to sound better than any mastering company on this planet give them to this guy and watch what he does.  Asaf you’re an amazing talent, a brilliant engineer and what I consider to be very gifted friend.
--Jimmy Richardson, Rock 'n Roll Star

Asaf Fulks You’ve been a big part of my music career for the past 6 years and I really appreciate that. The pleasure is mine working with the best -- Asaf Fulks!
--Habib Qaderi, International Recording Artist

Congrats, @asaffulks (Class of 2000)!!! We are proud of you!!!
--The Leelanau School

As a celebrity public relations strategist in the music industry for over 25 years, it is such a distinct pleasure to highly acknowledge the professional work, ethics, above reproach standards and expertise The OC Recording Company brings to the industry. I have known Asaf for over seven years and recommending The OC Recording Company  without question. It was also an awesome endeavor to invite him to be a guest on my client's celebrity driven podcast on a few occasions. In the LA and surrounding markets, this is first the place to consider for any upcoming projects. I also recommend learning more about their state of the art educational training in studio recording/engineering. I am so pleased to be connected with The OC Recording Company. 
--Monica Anders, PR Strategist, @MonicaAndersPR, @entertainmentpr.anders1

IN TEARS ONCE AGAIN ! This is such a beautiful article from the one and only The OC Recording Company and family you and your beautiful mom Asaf Fulks Kira Shimoni Fulks we love you both so so much !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this !!
--Lisa Marie Perkins, Mom of The Voice contestant Jamella Perkins

  • Fantastic work engineering @asaffulks love the magic you make!! It was great to be back in the studio with you all!!! Best place to record @ocrecording !! Thank you for your brilliance!
    --Irene Boggs, Affirmajams

    Hi Asaf, Just imported 2901 and all sounds excellent, thank you very much!
    --Oscar, Sound Editor for Power Rangers (Dino Fury)

    ASAF thank you bro! Had a great time with you yesterday. Loved listening to your music on the way back! RnB melodies and storytelling with EDM buildups and drops- very cool. Thanks for the photos man, appreciate it!
    --Chance Perez, Black Power Ranger

  • I just wrote my first book, SALutations!, and also recorded the complementary audiobook over the last few months. In a nutshell, Asaf was awesome across the board. He was patient, instructive, supportive, polite and professional. He made the recording sound great and was a pleasure to deal with. He and his studio are on the cutting edge of technology yet he has an old-school, gentlemanly manner. I will surely collaborate with him on future projects; I highly recommend The OC Recording Company!
    --Sal Guarino, Author of SALutations

    Great company! @asaffulks Sir, you are an inspiration. Salute!
    --John Kushman, Podcast Host of The Kushman Chronicles

    At The OC Recording Company you will feel like family. Asaf's passion and dedication to his craft is beautiful. He will always receive you with a huge smile and hug- always willing and ready to work. His studio is clean, spacious and homie and he has great attention to detail. The quality of his work is fantastic ! We absolutely loved our experience with him!!! The OC RECORDING COMPANY delivers every time ! Thank you for the wonderful memories!!!
    --Liz Perez, The Make Believe

    This is the place to come if you want your musical vision excututed to perfection! Great studio with all the toys with an incredible vibe. This place breathes creativity. Besides that and perhaps the most important thing I can say is that the staff here is the best. When Asaf touches your mix you then will know why he is so sought after!!
    --Charles Archey

    I've met Asaf more than 10 years ago, and till this day he's the only person I trust for Mixing and Mastering! His growth throughout the years has been incredible and he's always been a reliable Engineer/Producer/Artist. He's fast and efficient when it comes to recording and dialing in on your mixes. We recently recorded a song and not only was he able to give the best sound recording and mixing he even threw in his own sauce to the production. If your looking for the best in the game ask for Asaf!

    Always such a great honor working with the O. C. Recording camp. Great folks and great work! Keep it up y’all. - Rowdy
    --Whosoever South

    Appreciate you Asaf! You the truth. Best in OC!
    --Yung LA

  • Great experience all round! Asaf was amazing to work with and the studio itself is top notch. Definitely recommend checking this studio out. Looking forward to getting back in there and finishing up some new tracks!
    --Nathan Warriner

    I been to many recording studios and Oc Recording is hands down the best. Asaf has so much knowledge and will add his own ideas to ur track to make it sound snooth and great. I will never go anywhere else!
    --Erik Hernandez

    WOW! Your new single SouLit is spot on!! loved the vibe!!
    --Rabbi Yisroel Zavdi

     Thanks to @ocrecording Asaf is an experienced professional and beyond kind and talented. 
    --Mary Beth Scrivens, Voice Over Artist

    I always love coming here to record. Oc recording is a beautiful environment for any artist. Asaf is a genius who will make your music sound better than you expected.He helped me with my 12 song tape. I love it and will looking to him first for all my recording needs.
    --Alexander Kennard aka Corrupted Mind

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of attending Corrupted Mind’s recording sessions at OC Recording. Every time I go it has been an enjoyable experience. The sound engineer Asaf, is awesome to work with and is multi-talented. Entering the studio is spacious and professional with wonderful art work on the walls. If I made music I would 100% do it here and I’m happy with the product OC Recording Company delivered to Corrupted Mind.
    --Stephen Kosai

    If you are serious about your music I recommend OC Recording Studios for your music project. Asaf will definitely turn your song into a hit. Top notch equipment, nice environment, and he is cool people. I will keep going there for my rest of my sessions. No other studios I’ve been too compare to OC Recording Studios. Thanks Asaf for your help and see you soon.

    My experience at OC recording co. was amazing! I was gifted 2 hours of studio time for my birthday and I never wanted it to end! Asaf was so sweet and put all my nerves at ease when I got into the recording booth. I seriously have no clue how he mixes and engineers so fast and efficiently! I'd definitely recommend recording at OC Recording Company to any amatur or professional artist!
    --Ashley Garcia

    I recorded multiple projects here and I love the sound quality of this Music Studio. Great acuatics, great software and updated analogs. Asaf is a very friendly, professional & fun to work with. He's  also very knowledgeable & gave me helpful  tips to improve my project. I highly recommend booking a sesh. 5 stars all the Way!!!
    --Michael M.

    Last week with Asaf Fulks at OC Recording was too much fun. He's a great guy and equally great engineer and producer. It was a pleasure to work with Asaf/The studio kit sounded great. He got beastly tones outta that room / kit. So good.
    --Kevin Yoches, Milk Route Records

    I took classes at the OC Recording Company for the past six months to study music production. I could tell that Asaf put in a lot of work during his experience in the field for many years. His book that we cover is very in-depth and he was very VERY patient with me at all classes. I am sure there are many talented engineers and producers but Asaf is all that PLUS a good teacher. The studio has a very comfortable atmosphere and if you are into art, you will find a lot of that in this studio. When I first came here, I knew NOTHING about music production but after our classes for the past six months, I uploaded my first song '-^
    --Courtney Hahm

    Asaf you got skills homeboy! See you the beginning of next month for another session!
    --Lefty BXS

    Asaf, thanks so much for your amazing work and guidance on this Vocal production. I really appreciate it and you guys achieved a great result. 
    --Lukas Dolphin, Award Winning German Singer/Songwriter/Producer

    Thk you for helping me do my first demo for “ such a voice “. It was really exciting and I felt at ease with the process. The night before I kept waking up hoping I’d get there on time and not knowing what to expect. Thank you for helping me thru the process. Wanted to tell you also thank you for your cd. I was able to listen to it twice on the ride home. I thought it was fantastic and my favorite song was “ Cloudsfall and I can see the light”. I felt a connection to that song. The art work on the cover was very nice also. You are super talented.!!
    --Susan Navarro

    Asaf! You a beast on the boards!
    --Kevin Tang

    Asaf is the man! definitely has an ear for mixing and his arrangements is next level. Total professional and love the space. I'll be back Asaf, dope session today.
    --Khoazy N.

    That studio [OC Recording] was dope I hope to record there again!
    --Skinniloco Fuentes

    Asaf, I AM DOWN is smooth as silk...expressive...rhythmic perfection!!!
    --Grayhawk David Gibney

    Awesome studio with great gear and an excellent engineer! I own Hear No Evil Studio, and Asaf is my first referral for clients I can not accommodate. Definitely one of the best studios in OC!
    --Elliot, Owner Hear No Evil Studios

  • I've been recording with Asaf Fulks & The OC Recording Company since October 2007. To say that this is one of the highest quality studios in Southern California is an understatement. In today's music landscape, it is not difficult to go out and buy an interface and a microphone and tell everyone you have a recording studio. But, when you step in OC Recordings, you understand immediately why so many years of experience in recording, mixing and mastering define a true creative space. Asaf Fulks is a true professional that takes his craft as serious as his own life. He is not a stagnant engineer, but a creator that is constantly on top of industry standards and trends making this place the perfect place for aspiring artists to get industry standard work done. While I've witnessed this space produce just about every genre of music, voice-over, commercial and even artwork; I must say that I will never not be impressed by his ability to mix over a 2-track mp3 for so many hip-hop artists that walk through the door. If you're unsure about where to go in Orange County, don't be. OC Recording is without a doubt exactly where you want to be. @ocrecording !! Thank you for your brilliance!
    --Jay Taj

  • Asaf is GOLDEN magic! its not a surprise he was named producer of the Year by Now HipHop Magazine.
    --Dino Superfino - Lulu Beatz Manager

Thank you @ocrecording @asaffulks for your amazing magic as producer and engineer!!
--Lulu Beatz

Asaf knows his stuff, hes got some of the best audio equiptment you can get and he makes everything sound crystal clear.. A+ stuff

  • --Gerrit Kelder

Great experience, professional team, deep and broad expertise for any project. My meditation CD gets rave reviews for the quality of arrangement and the textures within the mix. OC Recording is a great partner when your project really matters.

  • --Valerie Sheppard

I've been traveling to the Oc Recording Company from Palmdale for about 11 Years now. Asaf Folks Has been my go to engineer for all my major projects. He never lets me down. He is totally in tune with the music and works super fast. Not only does he get the job done but he knows his craft very well and will mix up your digital files to make a guitar sound live for instance many tricks up this mans sleeve. I have access to many amazing studios in the Los Angeles and Burbank area but asaf is worth the drive. 5 stars is not enough. And I read one negative comment on here that made me laugh in no way is this man money hungry. He offers a service and never plays away from what he offers which makes him very dedicated to what he truly does. Asaf is a kind heart and the Oc Recording Company is a family not just a place of business. Trust is everything.

  • --Riddlez

Love the sound engineer of OC recording studio. I ran into 7 different studios and blew my money on producers who doesn't want to master a song like it's finished. Only Asaf makes you sound like a pro ready for the Grammys. Beyond 5 stars.

  • --Tonary

The OC Recording Co is incredible. Beautiful and stuffed full of the best equipment. He is knowledgeable and professional. He worked with my cousin on a few tracks that I was part of and the experience was always easy, fun and creative. I listened to many of the tracks that have come out of this studio and love the quality of work that is produced here. Highly recommended!

  • --Noam Yemini

Other places either never returned my phone calls because they thought my project was not good enough for them or they gave me the runaround. This studio called me back immediately even though they were closed and were able to squeeze me in since the other places screwed me over. Right away you can tell they care about what they do and they were asking questions and picking my brain as to what I wanted accomplished. I've gone to other places where they just rush you along and give you a bad quality product. Asaf cares about the quality of the product that gets put out there, so he really makes sure he asks the right questions and takes his time. They have a good team going here and surprisingly are very fast and efficient while making sure the quality is good. Not only was I satisfied I ended up purchasing more time and will be coming back. Those other places lost my business but this one has earned it. Highly recommended!

  • --Fernbot R.

The professional ambiance upon entering The OC Recording Company Studio is undeniable.  Spacious and immaculate this studio is outfitted with all the latest audio recording equipment, (you know you are getting first class technology), which immediately gives you a feeling of confidence that you have already found "the right place" to record your song.  Indeed you have found "The Master" and no one is more qualified to Record, Mix and Master your song than Asaf Fulks.  The atmosphere is designed to produce excellence, and you will find that you will leave with nothing less than perfection.  This includes close attention to each detail during the entire process of fully developing your song beyond your expectations. I have recorded over thirty songs over the last few years and I've never left disappointed, but rather on cloud nine each time!!

  • --Jean J.

I have had several tracks professionally mastered by Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Studio. The studio is equipped with the top notch gear and the atmosphere is one of a kind. Asaf is a master musician and engineer with all the knowledge you could ask for.The quality of sound is 10 stars, I have always been overly satisfied with the results and continue working with him throughout the years. Asaf is also very kind and generous when giving out musical tips. I am so appreciative for all that this studio has done for me! Thank you OC , until I finish my next song!

  • --Matan Cohen, Don't Tell Ma

I've had the opportunity to work with Asaf at OC Recording for a number of years. The quality of the production, mixing, overall know-how and professionalism was hard to beat. His understanding how to get the most out of his equipment, and our performances made for some pretty memorable results. You'll be dealing with a creative, technically savvy producer/engineer with a great ear and a commitment to getting it done right.  I continue to recommend him.

  • --Chris B., My Hero

Man this place was just what I was looking for.   I got to drop like 8cuts and the engineer was lights outs.  The gear was lit too. Dope selection I was really impressed.  If you're looking to record and what professional and quality product, you can't go wrong!!!

  • --Jeremy Maso

What a man of integrity!  I've known Asaf since our college years and he has natural talent and an unbeatable passion for music. He has folded these things into his studio and developed a quality business that produces music defined by precise and meticulous engineering. He's also a great guy. I can't wait to see him again!

  • --Caleb Lewis

Professional  industry quality never fails at creativity and providing the best sound possible

  • --Chris B.

We took my sister to record a song for her 21st birthday. Asaf welcomed us with open arms. He was patient, professional and within an hour we had a beautiful song recorded a happy customer! My 5 year old son was also there and Asaf let him play on all the instruments and even press the ‘record’ button and be a part of the recording studio experience. Priceless!! We will definitely be back there again!!!

  • --Gal Bigaleizn
  • Awesome. Thank you very much, Asaf. Earthbound is impressive, most impressive.
    --Gene Turnbow, Station Manager - Krypton Radio

Super dope place! Great atmosphere. Asaf is a true professional. Thanks for all your help today! The way you mic up/engineer drums made them sound killer. We'll def be working together again soon

I went there for ADR. Very good quality. Made our show sound top notch!  

The audio got approved! Thanks for hookin it all up Asaf! The double mic setup sounded great! Vocals were tight!
--Diriki Mack, Producer JBL Audio

The OC Recording Company is THE place to go for recording, mixing, mastering and music production. I have been a steady satisfied customer for over two years. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee! Attention is always given to every detail with phenomenal expertise, the finest cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment, and incredible talent in the music production department...always in keeping with the artist's vision. The OC Recording Company the ONLY place to go!!
--Pamela Jean Jensen, SAG-AFTRA Member

Asaf Fulks best engineer / producer in the business -- fa real, fa real!
--Triller Gatez, School of Sharks

I had the pleasure of working with Asaf Fulks during my music career and he was the greatest engineer I ever worked with. No doubt. The only one who could truly bring out my space age funk!
--Thee Suspect, Legendary Orange County Hip Hop Artist

Asaf is an angel. Love this man like a brother!
--Mark Hunter, Top 20 Worldwide iTunes Podcast Host, Sucks Radio

A great atmosphere with hands on experience with mix master Asaf. If your in Oc and you're looking to record look no further. Everything you could look for and more.
--Daniel Arrey, OCRS Graduate

It's was an honour to work with Asaf Fulks while I was in L.A, and it's inspiring to see his progression throughout the years. He has an absolutely amazing studio in the O.C, and without his advice I wouldn't have done so well with my own studio upgrade a year ago. Cheers for all the advice mate. It's really helped me so much!!I wish you great success with your Grammy submission mate
--Jack Vasiliou, Surrey Studios

First time ever going to Cali was to record at @ocrecording studio. Cali showed me Mad Love!!!! I still tell people about the magic we had in those sessions! #IRespectTheReal
--R-Dot Sanders

Couldn't be happier with the The OC Recording School with Asaf Fulks! Asaf does a great job in providing you with the tools & fundamentals that you need to get to the next level as a music producer and audio engineer.
--Chris Rosas, OCRS Graduate

I attended the OC Recording School for audio engineering. Asaf is a great guy and a very talented engineer. This is by far the best place in Orange County to learn digital audio production and recording/mixing techniques. After completing the course I have walked away a much better musician and engineer! Thanks Asaf!
--Jack Ananian, OCRS Graduate,

I just completed my first album which was mixed, mastered, and partially recording by Asaf. PHENOMENAL QUALITY! His combination of knowledge & equipment is unmatched in OC in my experience to date. The setting is plush and spacious. And, Asaf can execute anything requested. He helps the artist get a serious listen by delivering industry-standard quality be-it production or engineering. I look forward to continuing to build with The OC Recording Company in the future!
--Andre Jones aka Critical Thought, Orange County Hip Hop Artist

Super proud of my man asaf! Green Roses is seriously dope! Much love and respect from me to you. #ocrecordingcompany?
--Raymond Baldonado aka Fatell

Asaf your music is refreshingly different but still conscious, no fluff!
--Su Charles aka Such

Asaf you are the best! It's a pleasure to work with you!
--Jasmin Houshmand

I love your video for Green Roses all positive, nature art and beauty that's what is life - giving in my opinion. I love the lyrics to both Cry For You and Green Roses. You are such a gifted producer.
--Sonya Hensley, Jazz singer and musician

Had a blast Asaf! Thanks for the great work. Your studio is world class, as are your skills. I will be back very soon. Cheers!
--Nathan Warriner

Asaf, what an incredible video Most of It Now is! Great work, I am a fan.
--Monica Anders, Personal Assistant to Teddy Riley

Ma maaaaan! The best studio I've ever been! Asaf is da iissshhhhh!
--@Khashii, Khashayar Music

Asaf Fulks, did you know that you ROCK!!!! You changed my direction like a fresh gust of wind in my sails, and whatever I may achieve in/with music, it's your fault! Love you brother!
--Ralph Jacobs, OCRS Graduate

@asaffulks and @ocrecording are awesome! Consummate professional. Thanks for helping me bring this NXTC album to the world!
--Asif Kahn, Shack News Owner and Founder, Army of Techo @technosucks @productivecitizen

Asaf Fulks. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. @ocrecording

OC Recording's In The Studio with Asaf Fulks program gave me exactly what I was looking for! The course took me through every aspect of the process of making music from the bottom up. The one on one sessions were extremely helpful and the book explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn audio engineering and music production. Thank you so much Asaf for all you have done to help me, both with this record and teaching me your ways in the world of music!
--Joshua Paul Robin

Asaf is a great mentor. He gives out helpful tips and suggestions. Very cool and relax. You'll come across different people and artists in the studio. I learned a lot with the hands-on lessons, understanding how to structure my beats and how unique sound is. Thanks Asaf! The OC Recording Company is definitely the place to go to if you want to learn about music producing in Orange County!
--Isaac Falaelili

  • Big ups to Asaf Fulks of The OC Recording Company! Extremely talented and professional engineer/artist/educator. Check him out! He's the one to talk to if you need A-1, industry-quality engineering in the Juice!
    --Andre Jones, Critical Thought

Asaf...Magical Music Man..Redeemer of vocal vulnerabilities..miraculous mixer..surreal sound engineer..awesome human being! THANK U!
--Pam Jensen

  • Hi Asaf! Great song, now I understand what you were so busy doing!! Keep putting out this great work and I look forward to collaborating with you again!
  • Best recording studio in the OC!
    --Debra Massey, Knoble Trinity Media

  • I've been to Asaf's studio and I was impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. The studio had 2 dope recording booths and a good space and he wasn't just there punching bottons. He was giving his input on what would produce the best sound from the vocal and what we were able to do with that record in such a short time was really dope!
    --Mhax Heisenberg

  • Asaf and the staff at OC Recording Company always provide a high level of service and professionalism. In my experience as a recording artist, which spans over 20 years, Asaf is at the top of my list of engineers that I have worked with in terms of his knowledge and execution of recording, mixing and mastering. Most importantly, as a producer, his outstanding ear for music allows him to provide helpful suggestions and feedback, in a non-intrusive way, to get your project where it needs to be.
    --Evan Simmons

  • Absolutely amazing. I had the most incredible experience! Asaf allowed me to critique myself and made me a cd of my own voice. He was super nice and anyone wanting to record music needs to come to him. I will definitely be back.
    --Sandra Isabella Victoria

  • Asaf is the most in depth, detailed engineer I have worked with, really perfected his craft. He can adapt to all styles of music, and truly is a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with you in the future man.
    --Alex Yu

  • Asaf knows music and has built a very beautiful professional recording studio in Orange County. We are so lucky to have him in our own back yard and anyone looking to record needs to take a look at his offerings. We are so impressed with our experience there that we know we will be back again soon!
    --Lissa Nicole Victoria

  • Best #Recording #Studio In #OC with the #dopest engineers ... This is my first home for recording...recorded my first #single #Gossip here when I became a #Indie artist & broke away from the #contracts that had me tied down! S/O to Asaf Fulks for everything & believing in me ... 7 years strong
    --Slimm Goodie
  • Asaf, You're incredible! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!! :)
    --Courtney Stodden

  • Wow- that's all I can say. It makes a huge difference when you work in a real studio with a real producer - the lovable Asaf Fulks. We would have never made a record without you, Asaf!
    --Scott Towler, The Pantry Raid

  • Honestly the best part of THIS studio is the environment. It's comfortable. You can relax and focus on the music.
    --Alex Ribble, Seven Falls OCMA Best Punk Band

  • The atmosphere spawns creativity. The vibe is always upbeat and the staff is as professional as they come. Hands down OC Recording is the place to record!
    --Jayson Warren

  • I want to thank Asaf at He's a great guy and an awesome engineer. He makes it all look so simple!
    --Catie McKinney

  • I drive an hour and back to record at the OC, because I know I will be walk out with an exceptional product and my hard earned money will be well spent.
    --Raelle Dorfan

  • Proud of my first recording for one of MY songs in a few years. Hearts to The OC Recording Studios. :D
    --Natalie Womack

  • All you need in one place!! I got a recording deal working with this guy!!
    --Bad Newsz

  • Thanks again for a great recording session! Mother, Father and Walking in Memphis turned out better than I could have hoped! You're awesome!
    --Brad Schecter

  • This spot is where you wanna go to get some legit music done... dudes nuts with the production and mixing i mean wow!

  • What a pleasure to be in presence of such talented professionals. I am sold for life for on my recordings.

  • Shout out to Asaf Fulks and OC Recording for the dope session!
    --Don Coda

  • Asaf is a great Engineer and understands how to bring your sound to the next level.
    --MayneLyne Musik

  • When I want a big studio sound for a reasonable price I go to the OC Recording Studio. Asaf and his staff are very talented and creative.
    --Danny O Taylor

  • Best place to record hip-hop music in all of So Cal!
    --Dean Aynechi, Attorney

  • THANK YOU Asaf for all the hard work and talent you gave me these past 3 days,... you are a Master Jedi!!!
    --Marc Jonathan DeJesus

  • Asaf Fulks you know that lab (OC Recording) is my favorite place 2 be fam. Thanks for providing excellent work.
    --Young Keno

  • The atmosphere in OC Recording is pure bliss!
    --Galo Herrera

  • Asaf Fulks, OC Recording thanks to working with the best!
    --ALX Kim Hoang

  • Good look Asaf, that mix is impeccable!

  • Working in the studio with Asaf has been a priceless experience. Now, I'm working in the field & it's a dream come true! Thank you OC Recording for all your help.
    --Eric Sheffield

  • There is no better place to master the art of Sound Engineering than with Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company.
    --Aaron C. Bailey

  • Asaf Fulks is a highly skilled sound engineer. He performs his engineering with a tactical precise ear, and could be easily considered a true perfectionist in his trade.
    --Gerrit Kelder

  • I actually asked Asaf why he doesn't raise his prices. It was a great deal compared to other studios. I will always recommend this studio to anyone I meet.
    --Aaron Riordan

  • Best recording studio in the world!
    --Jeff Burk

  • Asaf knows what he is doing. He works fast and he works efficiently. He works with the BEST equipment ANY studio has to offer.
    --Dominic Rubio

  • With Asaf's years of experience and hands on teaching approach you can't help but learn and have a good time doing it.
    --Chris Dodds

  • You have a sony c800g... that alone should raise the rates to $1000 bucks an hour.. BEST MIC EVER!
    --Dominic Gonnella

  • Industry Standard Studio with all the best tools.
    --Justin Tran

  • If you're an artists in Southern California you need to holla at my boy Asaf Fulks, one of the best I've ever worked with!

  • I have to give special thanks to Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company - truly a genius at work. His imagination and creativeness reveals life in the mix.

  • Asaf has inspired me to take my mixing and mastering to another level. It was a real plasure!
    --Damian Mills

  • My feeling towards the program is excitement - I can't wait to move onto the next lesson and learn more about it!
    --Tobias Langston

  • Bro, you're killin' it! The dopest engineer I've ever met! Thumbs up Brotha! Great place.. from environment to gear! A+
    --Von Bock

  • They have some world class preamps, mics, software, verbs, etc. But the real value is found in the person who knows how to use them properly. They definitely do.
    --Omar Reyna

  • I really look up to Asaf Fulks as an engineer in the industry. Just by seeing him work and the little tips he gave me here and there, make me feel confident in recording big clients. Asaf is the real MVP - go Asaf!

  • Asaf is an all out, AMAZING and OUTSTANDING producer.
    --Cody Sanchez

  • This place is awesome - really hands on! They put great ideas in your work!
    --Joseph Fordjour

  • If you're looking for a qualified and honest recording studio stop in and let Asaf and the OC Recording Studio bring your music to life!
    --Mason Higa

  • If you want top quality sound, expertise, professionalism, and a fantastic recording environment, Asaf is your Man and OC Recording Studio is the best of the best.
    --Carolyn Walters

  • OC Recording is the best!
    --Kara Stecker

  • Had such an amazing experience at this studio. Such professionals and so knowledgeable. I recorded my first single here and could not have been more happy!
    --Rebecca Timpke

  • Asaf is the man to go to for all things music wise. He is hands down the best mixer I've seen on the boards. The OC Recording Company cannot be beat!
    --AJ Santos

  • Thank you soooo much!!! Loved your work!!!
    --Skylar Stecker

  • Only think of the best when the best counts - OC Recording!
    --Antonio of Lovin Life Multimedia

  • The best studio ever with the best engineers!
    --Johnny Tran

  • I couldn’t have been happier with the results from the program. I have so many things in the works after completing the course, and my audio career is on track to take off.
    --Carlos H. Almeida Jr.

  • OC Recording is by far the best vocal tracking studio in Orange County.
    --Antonio Pullano, Lovin Life Multimedia

  • All of your favorite Top of the Line Gear with an incredible set of ears.
    --Kevin Bernard Jr.

  • Great sound quality! The best I've worked with!

  • Talented producers+Skilled engineers+Top end gear+ Friendly and creative environment=The Best Recording Studio in Southern California!!!

  • I love the quality and the atmosphere. This is the best recording studio in Orange County hands down! Asaf is amazing!
    --Ebonee Silmon

  • By far, thee best recording studio I've ever worked at! Well worth every penny invested!!
    --Young Bamm

  • Great place.. from environment to gear! A+!
    --Vee Bee

  • The best ever!
    --Susan Farbstein

  • Amazing sound and professional work!
    --Matan Cohen

  • Shoutouts to my homeboy Asaf!! Definitely 5 stars!! If you got a banger you better get to Asaf's ASAP!! #SALUTE
    --Clarence Sharp

  • Top of the line!
    --Rowdy, Whosoever South

  • I love recording here, and have done over 30 sessions at this place. I would never go anywhere else! You've gotta check it out!!.
    --John Lugo II

  • If you're ready to take your talent to the next level, you'd be a fool to not have your track blessed by The OC Recording Company and my man Asaf Fulks!
    --Sonik Earz

  • The Best.
    --Mike Mitchell, Whosoever South

  • Pure Talent. An excellent place to be learning and expanding your knowledge!
    --Esteban Del Rio

  • Great working with you Asaf. Open minded, expertise and an ear to add to my music production. He's the guy I trust in the Lab - he's paid his dues and kept his receipts. Ya know?!
    --Scarred IV Life

  • Very happy I found your studio, Asaf. ....It is very inspiring for me and you guys are phenomenal to work with. Your studio is the BEST!
    --Bob Coulehan

  • I cannot express how satisfied I am with Asaf's amazing work! He is very sweet and makes you feel comfortable, not to mention he is very professional and knows his stuff!
    --Rosie Mendez

  • Asaf has become like family. He has accomplished pure excellence in our work together. Since I started working with Asaf, my projects have received more attention and love by fans!
    --Oscar Carretero

  • You killed the mix and master as always! Solid brother!
    --DJ Flict, Producer at BMG Chrysalis

  • Check out @ocrecording if you ever in Cali. They got that million dollar sound!!

  • Asaf, you are the best mentor ever!
    --Alex Rivas

  • Asaf is one of the fastest, yet the most detail oriented engineers I've ever worked with. You tell him how you want it to sound, and he makes it sound that way with no issue. If you don't know how you want it to sound, he takes the reigns and I guarantee you'll leave a happy artist.
    --Gerard Tajalle

  • I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team at The OC Recording Studio. The studio was also first class and the crew made it easy and comfortable for everyone to work together to create and execute on such a phenomenal project. Thanks to The OC Recording Studio!
    --Patrick Garcon

  • I By far the best studio I have ever worked in!
    --Pisean Agape Paleo

  • Asaf is a Master. Talented producer. The Best Recording Studio in Southern California!!! YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRAK DUDE. Continue the success!
    --Zuri Lifshitz

  • Many fantastic results with Asaf! Thanks and see you again soon.
    --Kole Dunn

By far, thee best recording studio I've ever worked at! Well worth every penny invested!
--Kennedy Tha'Third

Absolutely amazing. I had the most incredible experience! He was so nice, and allowed me to critique myself and made me a cd of my own voice. He was super nice and anyone wanting to record music, needs to come to him. I will definitely be back
--Sandra Isabella Victoria

Thanks for your mastering skills Asaf on Cast No Shadows new singles release soon. Time well spent sir!!
--Rick Kaupp

Asaf is the most in depth, detailed engineer I have worked with, really perfected his craft. He can adapt to all styles of music, and truly is a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with you in the future man.
--ICE Music

A-1 Shit. Get @ My Boy Asaf!
--LT Atilano

Great studio with amazing equipment and sound. Honest hard working owners. Creative yet very serious in doing the best production on your demo or CD.
--Stephanie Rivas

Asaf is a musical genius,extremely talented! Professional environment!! Clean great expensive gear!! Great place for recording and producing! Best engineer award goes to Asaf hands down!!!
--Memo Skyy

Asaf, you have the most amazing voice brother. Would be blessed to get you on an eFFeX track one day ;)?
--Rick Maurice, eFFeX Productions

You're a mighty songwriter, Asaf. I REALLY love the arrangement and sound in "Cry For You". And Sunny Days...and Most of It Now (love the message). Congratulations on all of this great work!
--Lucy Kalantari

I am watching your videos...blown away...this is so great...of the best work I have received this year
--Asher Weissman

Great recording! 24/7/365! and saw some of your studio design discussion - great stuff! High energy with cool theme - We Move Around The Clock! Move around the clock!
--Alex Otey

Asaf, just checked out your tunes and videos, they are great! And wow, you wrote, composed, produced,engineered and created each video?? You are a multi talented man sir!
--Chris Wiser, Sugar Free Allstars

@ocrecording @CSHARP714 big shout out to you both great work tonight kings! #KIL #keepitlit
--K-Lien @iamk_lien

Amazing work Asaf, thank you!
--Tonary @tonaryofficialpage

Congratulations Asaf! You are & have always been the truth in my eyes. I know that you deserve the Grammy but I honestly feel like anything short of the lifetime achievement award would really be able to convey your dedication and work that I was fortunate enough to witness.You are my inspiration boss and I'm proud of you, and miss y'all a great deal. Love & respect

Asaf, everyone I played the new song to are in love with the quality. Incredibly happy I found you guys! Looking forward to making more hits. ;)
--May Devun

Asaf Fulks Bruhhhhh NEVER GIVIN UP ON LOVE sounds GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!! Thick, Clean, A-1
--TJ Saddler

Asaf Fulks always quality, fire!
--Get Looce

You da man Asaf Fulks, GOAT (Greatest of all time)!
--Jeff Grimstyles Metz

Asaf - The true master of mastering!
--Nicholas Granger

OMG! Yessssss! The best is the west @asaffulks #ocrecordingstudio #dontplay #wefam
--Laisa Marie Perkins, Jamella Perkins Manager

So excited....working with the best Asaf Fulks!!!!
--Chevi Taylor

One of the best studios around very professional, great equipment, great staff, none better.
--President at Legion Riders

They are just awesome!

Super cool people!
--Vernon BC

Congrats Asaf, I remember being in the studio! Your vision, passion and drive have got you to where you are today.
--Ryan Modica, Talent Agent | Forbes Top 100 Firm

I have had "Breakout by My Hero" on repeat. It is a catchy tune. Asaf Fulks brother, you know your success inspires us all. Your passion for what you do and the love with which you approach your projects. Keep producing great hits and good luck in Law School.
--Alex Torres

Good stuff Asaf. Always quality work from you.?
--Zeek UC

If you're looking to record, mix, master and elevate your sound.. look no further! Come see the doctor himself Asaf Fulks!
--Ali Bundakji

My brother this is so dope. I'm extremely proud of you man. I wish you much continues success. This was an amazing article and made me think about those college days!!!!
--Eric Norris, Student Success Coach at DeVry University

Asafou are a jack of all trades and your songwriting and production craft has leveled up this year. Your fun artistic videos complement your music perfectly. Under the Moonlight is so peaceful. You have this Owl City meets Matisyahoo(spelled wrong) vibe that is so compelling. Rain Over Me is a great standout for my ears. Beautiful lyrics. The thing that i am intersted in voting is diversity between tracks and I lvoe all the tastes you give the listener. Run is a pop jam! You have my support this year again!
--Sean Mendelson, Grammy Voting Member

Wow you're a really multi talented guy!! How cool, OC Express is an amazing piece of work!!!!
--Carly Robyn Green, Recording Artist / Songwriter at BMG USA

---------------------ALUMNI REVIEWS---------------------

Thank you to my teacher and mentor Asaf Fulks and everybody at The OC Recording--they have really enabled me to take my music to the next level and help me progress as an artist. I joined the school towards the end of last year and have already seen tremendous progression in my writing, production and engineering. IN THE STUDIO is the place to be!
Sage Roberge - Read his graduation interview with

I took classes at the OC Recording Company for the past six months to study music production. I could tell that Asaf put in a lot of work during his experience in the field for many years. His book that we cover is very in-depth and he was very VERY patient with me at all classes. I am sure there are many talented engineers and producers but Asaf is all that PLUS a good teacher. The studio has a very comfortable atmosphere and if you are into art, you will find a lot of that in this studio. When I first came here, I knew NOTHING about music production but after our classes for the past six months, I uploaded my first song '-^
Courtney Hahm

  • OC Recording's In The Studio with Asaf Fulks program gave me exactly what I was looking for! The course took me through every aspect of the process of making music from the bottom up. The one on one sessions were extremely helpful and the book explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn audio engineering and music production.Thank you so much Asaf for all you have done to help me, both with this record and teaching me your ways in the world of music!
    Joshua Paul Robin

Shouts to legend himselfAsaf Fulks on releasing his first Solo debut Album "OC EXPRESS" ... don't miss the train hop on this project and give it a listen and a share! Lot of hard work, time and dedication was shed to make this album. Asaf is my teacher/homie/mentor and is always going above his Plateau. Nothing but bangers
Ali Bundakji

Couldn't be happier with the The OC Recording School with Asaf Fulks! Asaf does a great job in providing you with the tools & fundamentals that you need to get to the next level as a music producer and audio engineer.
Chris Rosas

I attended the OC Recording School for audio engineering. Asaf is a great guy and a very talented engineer. This is by far the best place in Orange County to learn digital audio production and recording/mixing techniques. After completing the course I have walked away a much better musician and engineer! Thanks Asaf!
Jack Ananian,

-A great atmosphere with hands on experience with mix master Asaf. If your in Oc and you're looking to record look no further. Everything you could look for and more.
Daniel Arrey

Asaf is a great mentor. He gives out helpful tips and suggestions. Very cool and relax. You'll come across different people and artists in the studio. I learned a lot with the hands-on lessons, understanding how to structure my beats and how unique sound is. Thanks Asaf! The OC Recording Company is definitely the place to go to if you want to learn about music producing in Orange County!
Isaac Falaelili

  • Being completely honest, I truly am blown away by this opportunity and how much I have learned. I have never been the best student so at times all the reading was hard to completely retain but being able to have the hands on experience in the studio made everything a lot less overwhelming and much easier to understand. The most important part in terms of my learning was going over the quizzes with my mentor Asaf Fulks. He would go through every question and would not move on until he is 100% confident that I knew the material well. He sets the perfect example for how we are to act and behave in the studio. Everyday is a lesson when observing the way he does things. He knows all the tricks and always has something to show me that can blow my mind and open up another door for me to get lost in. I truly do not think there was anymore that could have been done in the first half to help me learn. I am very happy with how much I have learned and am very excited to continue on to the second half of this awesome program. Working with Asaf has truly been an unreal experience.

  • Phillip Barone

I was looking for an audio school to jumpstart my career in sound engineering, but all the schools I found didn’t fit into my budget and time. The OC Recording School did! Since my first informal meeting with Asaf, I knew this was the place for me. Asaf is a master at what he does. The OC Recording School has three studios and all the gear you need to make Pro quality music. The “hands on” lessons with Eric Sheffield were super fun and extraordinarily productive. The textbook is straight to the point. I couldn’t have been happier with the results from the program and my audio career is on track to take off. All I can say is ‘Thank You’ OC Recording School and Asaf Fulks for providing me all the tools to start and advance in my career.
Carlos Almeida, Jr., Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department

In pursuing my goal of becoming a Certified Audio Engineer, I had the pleasure of being mentored by Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording School. Asaf is THE top Producer/ Engineer in Orange County and an excellent instructor. With his hands-on approach to educating I was working the boards, mixing and mastering in no time. I also got to work with numerous recording artists and even worked on a movie score. If you are pursuing a career in the music industry as a recording engineer, there is no better place than with Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company.
Aaron C. Bailey aka "Sonik Earz"

Asaf Fulks is a master of his craft and the best teacher I have ever had. If you are a musician looking for top quality recording this is the place to go. If you are a student interested in learning the art of audio engineering and music production it doesn't get better than In the Studio with Asaf Fulks/ The OC Recording Company.
Chandler Gregory

This is not only a great studio, It is also a very hands on and personal learning experience. If you have any interest in learning a little or an extravagant amount about music, this is the place to. With Asaf Fulks mastering and mixing you are guaranteed to have a terrific experience. After going to multiple different studios, OC Recording is hands down the Best Studio in Southern California!
Joshua Plows

The OC Recording School has a very professional atmosphere, yet it is very relaxed and home like at the same time. Asaf is great at what he does and so is the rest of the staff over at OC recording! Asaf made the lessons easily understandable by showing me how to do the lesson hands on. He made learning the ropes easy! I'll always value the skills I learned at OC Recording and they'll help me in my future career.
Matthew Hollis

I was a client at the OC Recording Company when Asaf told me about his school. I had always thought that it would be too difficult to be an artist as well as an engineer, until Asaf took me under his wing. From Music Theory to full-fledged mixing and mastering, Asaf made it easy for me to understand. The textbook, "In The Studio" written by Asaf Fulks, provides substantial amount of information for any student to continually perfect their craft in becoming a professional audio engineer. The atmosphere at the OC Recording School is relaxing and gives off an amazing burst of energy to create! The state-of-the-art equipment provided, allows me to have no limitations! Many thanks to Asaf and the OCRS family for opening new doors in my future career!
Esteban Del Rio aka "Rio"

When I enrolled at The OC Recording School with Asaf Fulks, I didn't know much about music except for Djing and mixing audio and sound effects for movies, I came out knowing Pro Tools, mixing and mastering. It helped me not only in the audio world, but also the film world. Asaf changed my life and I'm very thankful to have had such an amazing person as my advisor. It's amazing how he takes the time to have one-on-one sessions with you and always invites you to his pro sessions to watch and learn. He will let you in the studio whenever you want to work or to watch and learn. I have never had a learning experience like I had with Asaf at OC Recording School. If you are looking for a place that is focused on what you want to learn OC Recording is where to go! No hurried teachers or big class of students. you are in a real working studio with Asaf Fulks and real working professionals in the industry learning and working beside them. You can not get this type of learning experience out of any Youtube Video, Book or Class.
Lance Rand

I enrolled in Asaf Fulks In The Studio program at The OC Recording Company in Santa Ana, CA., in early 2014. I'd like to say, I am here in my own studio today using what I have learned from Asaf, the man with the twiddling fingers, turning those knobs to get the last ounce of perfect audio; the man with the ears of a bat, listening to every last nuance, because anything less then a 100% mix just would not do for this Supreme Producer! Asaf, saying thank you is not appreciative enough for what you have done for me, the time you have spent with me, and all of the knowledge you have given me. Thank you so much!

There just isn't anything quite like the hands-on-experience of The OC Recording Company's audio engineering program! The course literally covers everything you can think of, and Asaf and his team are always there to help and answer any questions you may have. For me, there was something so fascinating about coming to school and being in a professional recording studio for every lesson. I learned so much more here at such a faster pace than I ever thought possible. But the best part of it all was how I made friends with like-minded people, who were all on the same page as I was, and who had similar goals in mind. I wouldn't be lying if I told you that The OC Recording Company changed my life.
Vincenzo Pisciotta,

As a student at OC Recording School I was extremely impressed with Asaf Fulks mentoring, with the state-of-the-art recording equipment and the one-on-one lessons. Every studio session was A-1. I improved my skills and techniques and I left The OC Recording School an extremely blessed audio engineer/artist.
Arthur Atilano,

The OC Recording School is a great place to get a hands-on education in audio engineering and music production. Asaf Fulks is a true talented professionals. They taught me everything I needed to know to become confident and successful in the industry. I practiced with top-of-the-line recording equipment that is used by today's famous recording artists, which made me feel like a pro. Thanks OC Recording School for great education!
Aaron Estrada

Before going to The OC Recording School, my knowledge of audio production/engineering was minimal. From the first day I stepped into the studio, I instantly knew it I was in the right place. The creator of the program and master engineer of the studio, Asaf Fulks, was one of the most helpful people in my journey. He always made sure I completely mastered every chapter before moving to the next. At the beginning of each session he would review the previous chapter to make sure I had it all set in stone. He encouraged me to come to the studio as much as I could and to keep practicing and mastering my art, which in my opinion, makes The OC Recording School stand out. If you're a complete beginner, or even an intermediate producer/engineer, there's always something you can improve on by going to The OC Recording School. Along with the good mentorship, the people at the studio are most helpful, from giving constructive criticism to collaborations on projects. All in all, The OC Recording School gets a 10/10! I recommend it to anyone who is interest in audio production/engineering. It would be well worth your time!
Ryan Salhus

As I looked around Orange County and Los Angeles for a hands-on experience as an engineer in a recording studio, a friend told me about The OC Recording School. I was interested because it offered a one-on-on experience and a flexible schedule in a real studio (not some class with 30 students 1 teacher). Learning with The Great Producer, Asaf Fulks, was a great experience. Both taught me a lot. It was very valuable to stay after the lessons and to work with other producers who are building their career. The vibe/feel at the OC Recording Company is fantastic--can't beat it! Asaf is a great mentor and knows what he is doing and talking about when it comes to mixing, mastering, producing, instrumentals or anything studio! He is an awesome mentor, he gives you the push to go harder, to go in on your music and not quit, I highly recommend Asaf's teaching capabilities and The OCRC. If you want work in a recording studio as a career, you have to start at OC Recording School. Thanks to Asaf, OCRC for my first step in the industry/business.
Tobias Langston

During my time at the OC Recording School I used world-class recording and mixing equipment and learned from knowledgeable staff. It was a valuable experience of hands-on learning. The environment at the OC Recording School allowed me to immerse myself into a world of creativity with a plethora of creative minds to collaborate with. I've never felt so welcome in any educational or musical environment! Asaf Fulks is an extremely talented individual, not only as educator, but as an engineer and musician as well. I recommend any and all individuals interested in taking their knowledge of the audio engineering arts to the next level to check out The OC Recording School!
Anton Emmerton

Working in the studio with Asaf has been a priceless experience. Now, I'm working in the field & it's a dream come true! Thank you OC Recording for all your help.
Eric Sheffield

Asaf, you showed me something that I was so impressed about working that maschine. That's what I want do!! For the first time in years I have something to look forward to waking in morning and to be apart of something!!! I'm a night owl big time!!! I'm in bed for the first time before 12am!!!!
Reginald Parchman

  • Asaf, you are the best mentor ever!
    Alex Rivas

Asaf Fulks, did you know that you ROCK?!?!?!!?? You changed my direction like a fresh gust of wind in my sails, and whatever I may achieve in/with music, it's your fault! Love you brother!
Ralph Jacobs

Asaf - The true master of mastering!
Nicholas Granger

Thanks so much to Josh Robin and Asaf Fulks for a great experience making this CLOUDFALL -- mad love.
Lucas Garcia aka Lucagaci

Can't thank @asaffulks enough for the knowledge he has passed down to me about Audio Engineering/Music Production. I put in my 20 weeks at the @ocrecording studio, now I'm ready to build up a studio of my own & put in work!
Levi Partida

@asaffulks You are the man my dude. Beyond blessed to be taught by the smartest and greatest there is. Looking forward to growing in leaps and bounds with ya. Much love dude man bro. And tell your mother I said thank you again 😎
Steven Gordon

Asaf, thank you for your patience and mettorship. I appreciate all you have taught me. I hope to work together in the future.
Jared Johnson aka TriggaJay Fantastic