Audio Engineering

Audio engineering has been our bread n' butter since 2005! Through the years we've recorded, mixed and mastered countless records, developed proprietary techniques and built a world class studio. We deliver professional products that get results! Today, we can engineer projects for clients in the studio or live with anyone in the world via Skype, Source Connect, ISDN or Zoom!

Asaf Fulks is an industry leading audio engineer with over 20 years of experience, Pro Tools/Waves Audio certifications and many awards/credits. His services are included with your session. We work with all styles of music and pretty much anything related to capturing sound and manipulating it. Audio is delivered at uncompresed (.wav) resolutions of up to 192khz/32 bit, uncompressed (.mp3) up to 320kbps and CD.


Our audio engineering services break down into five categories: recording, editing, mixing, mastering and post-production. When you book a session you can choose any combination of these services.


Recording is the first step in the audio engineering process and arguably the most important. Getting this right makes the subsequent steps much quicker, more seemless and yields a better product. We've got the ears, sound rooms, equipment and experience to make it happen!

- Mics: Sony C-800G, Neumann U87ai, Sennheiser MK416, Royer R121, AKG 414 BULS, Shure Sm7b's, Sanken lav, etc.
- Pres: Neve 1073, Avalon 737, Aurora GTQ2, Tube Tech MP 1A, BAE 1122, True Systems Precision 8
- AD/DA: Lynx Hilo, Lynx Aurora 16's (50-Channels)
- DAW: Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 (384 Audio Tracks, 1024 MIDI). Avid HD Native. NI Maschine
- Headphones: AKG, Beyedynamic, Shure, Sony. Studio grade, closed back
- In house instruments: Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender P Bass, Fender Rhodes, Martin acoustic, upright piano, various percussion
- Extensive virtual instrument collection, Akai MPK 88 keyboard, Acces Virus synth, Native Instruments Maschine Studio
- Vocals, voice overs, audio books, small to large instruments, bands, sound design, MIDI
- State of the art acoustically deisgned sound booth and control room

IRene Boggs


Editing is a precision process where fine details are refined before mixing. This is the dirty work that often goes unnoticed, but can make the biggest transformation in the sound of the recording. Sometimes editing is simply considered mixing, but there are distinctions. And, because it plays such a major role we like to differentiate. Editing includes:

- Timing control / quantization using Pro Tools, Beat Detective, Revoice Pro and Melodyne
- Pitch correction using Melodyne, Auto Tune and Waves Tune
- Noise reduction and audio restoration using Izotope RX, FabFilter and Waves Mercury Bundle
- Sound replacement, sequencing, alignment, splicing, fades
- Stutter FX, chop and skrew, harmonies
- Organizing tracks, markers, busses, groups

IRene Boggs


Mixing is the process where all the elements of a recording are combined into a single stereo output. It's an artform that's all about balance and detail, but also creativity! The complex sonic characteristics of every mix are different. Each one takes a unique apprach, but we've developed a template to speed up our process and deliver stunning results. The OC Recording Company is an SSL equipped studio, with an acoustically balanced control room and the finest analog/digital mixing equipment in the world, including:

- DAW: Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 (384 Tracks). Avid HD Native
- CPU: Custom built 4ghz i7 PC. 64gb RAM. 20TB Nvme/SSDs/SATA
- AD/DA: Lynx Hilo, Lynx Aurora 16's (50-Channels)
- Summing: Solid State Logic Sigma 32 Track Analog Summing Amp
- Comps: Tube Tech CL-1B, Purple Audio MC77, Aurora Audio GTC2, etc.
- EQ's: Neve 1073, Great River EQ-2NV, SSL XR727's, Avalon 737, etc.
- Distortion: Roberts 770x Reel to Reel, Egnater Rebel 30 ii, Fender Deville
- Monitoring: Focal SM9, ATC 15" Sub, NS-10, Mixcubes, Dangerous Monitor
- Plugins: Waves Mercury, FabFiler, Soundtoys, Eventide, Antares, Celemony, Empirical Labs, etc.
- Acoustically flat control room. All frequency dips and peaks are within a 10 db range


Mastering is the final step in the recording process. The goal is simple...make the record sound great on every sound system, in every location, playing from every platform! However, it's no small task. Here, mixes are enhanced and made ready for distribution: CD, vinyl, digital ditributors, internet, media, radio, television. Just like mixing, each master has a unique sonic structure. In addition, there is an ever evolving format and specs for distributing digital music that must be followed carefully. We're up to date on the latest guidelines and have developed an intuitive analog/digital process to yield top-quality results, efficiently. Mastering is vital to meet specs and to achive competitive loudness, fullness, spatial separation, depth and tone. Mastering also involves sequencing songs on an album, editing transitions, adding CD-Text and metadata. The OC Recording Company provides top quality masters in all necessary digital formats. Equipment includes:

- DAW: Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2020, Steinberg Wavelab
- AD/DA: Lynx Hilo, Lynx Aurora 16's (50-Channels)
- Comps: Manley Variable Mu, API 2500, RMS 755 Super Stereo, Aurora GTC2, etc.
- EQ's: Avalon 2055, Great River EQ-2NV, SSL XR727's, Aurora GTQ2, etc.
- Monitoring: Focal SM9, ATC 15" Sub, NS-10, Mixcubes, Dangerous Monitor
- Limiters: AOM Invisible, FabFilter Pro-L2, Izotope Ozone 9, etc.
- Saturation: Cranesong Phoenix, analog tubes, reel to reel
- Metering: Analog Dorrough meters, WLM Plus, LUFS, RMS, etc.
- Acoustically flat mastering room. All frequency dips and peaks are within a 10 db range.

Asaf Fulks

Post Production

Post Production is the art of manipulating sound in conjunction with visual images. It can combine several of the previous steps, but the sync to video makes it a distinct process. Our post production service have won awards, recieved placements and featured the biggest names in entertainment. Areas of specialization include film scoring, ADR, voice overs, foley, sound effects and mixing/mastering for film.

We are setup to record remote sessions using Source Connect Pro, ISDN or Skype from our Orange County studio! We have all the industry standard post production equipment including Sennheiser 416, Sanken Cos 11D, Pro Tools Ultimate, Neve, Avalon, Lynx Hilo and more. The screen in our booth is key for talent to perform ADR recording in conjunction with visuals of the video.

Chapter 6: Fool Circle by Marc Jonathan de Jesus Film score and foley by Asaf Fulks at OC Recording! WINNER-Canon/Vimeo Story Behind the Still Contest!

We performed, recorded, mixed and mastered several post production projects for Video Resources in Orange County!

OC Recording is an official voice over studio for We've helped many students produce high quality demo's with remote coahces via Skype and Source Connect!

Happy 20th Birthday, OC FasTrak! Voice Over / ADR recording, mixing and mastering by Asaf Fulks at OC Recording!

Recorded ADR with Summer Bishil for SYFY's hit TV series The Magicians with producer's patched in remotely via Skype!

We recorded voiceovers for Vertex Media's new documentary VISITING -- be on the lookout!