Lost Discs

Lost Discs is a compilation of music produced and engineered by Asaf Fulks at Denison University and at The OC Recording Company between 2000-2018.

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LOST DISCS - IN THE STUDIO with Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording School [2013-2018]

LOST DISCS - Kira Fulks aka Killa'K [2008-2018]

LOST DISCS - SantaWood [2005-2015] Featuring - Beneficial, Mona Lisa, My Hero, The Natural and more

LOST DISCS - HollyAna [2005-2010] Featuring G. Malone, C-Nice, The Natural, Triller Gatez and more

LOST DISCS - DU Dreamin' [2000-2005] Featuring NTBF, Burning Mics, Megastar, Concrete, Frogg and Dru