When you record at The OC Recording Company you are getting the best recording quality possible. We have all the microphones, preamps, rooms and instruments available to record solo artists to full bands and larger projects. We are also available to record remotely using source connect pro or skype!

For voice over work we typically setup a Sennheiser MKH 416 and Sennheiser Lav. For instrument we have a wide range of ribbon, dynamic and condenser mics plus an assortment of solid state, tube and vintage pre amps. We can record 50 channles simulataneously at 96khz sample rates.

Our typical recording chain for music vocals is the Sony C-800G or Neumann U87ai -> Neve 1073 -> Tube Tech CL1B or Avalon 737- > SSL Sigma ->Lynx Hilo -> Pro Tools Ultimate. Here are a list of major recording artists who have documented using the same signal path:

IRene Boggs

- Justin Beiber: Company Music Video

- Drake: Sound on Sound Article

- R Kelly: YouTube Video

- Cool & Dre / Christina Milan / Remy Martin: Sound on Sound Article

- Mariah Carey: YouTube Video

- Lil Wayne: YouTube Video

- Kanye West: KanyeToThe Article

- Dr. Dre / 50 Cent: Avalon News Article

- Eminem: Sound on Sound Article

Check out 2016 Now Hip Hop Producer of the Year Asaf Fulks OC Express Album for current examples of our sound recordings!