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Asaf Productions Volumes 1-3 are compilations albums produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company. The albums feature various artists and include the hit single "Breakout" which was The LA Clippers and St. Louis Cardinals theme song and was placed on various television shows including Showtime: The Franchise and Oxygen: Bad Girls Club New Orleans!

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Asaf Productions Vol. 3

01. We Belong At The Top
02. Wash It Away
03. Enchanted
04. Breakout
05. Last Time I Checked
06. My Desire
07. Jeffster
08. Feel This Way
09. Leelanau
10. Go Home Lullaby

Asaf Productions Vol. 2

01. (Intro) What Am I
02. Without You
03. Soul'd Out
04. Hold On
05. Flashing Lights
06. Brighter Day
07. Seperate Ways
08. La La
09. Intoxicated
10. Life of the Party
11. Operator
12. Tour Guide
13. Fly Away
14. Don't Matter
15. Born to Blow
16. Suddenly
17. Homegirl
18. (Outro) Kira's Kite

Asaf Productions Vol. 1

01. Push Me
02. Walk Away
03. Closer
04. So Cold
05. Here We Go Again
06. Freaky
07. Nothin But Trouble
08. What You Deserve
09. Call Me
10. Miss You
11. Day Dreamin
12. Black Coffee
13. It's Alright
14. Give It To You
15. Got No Name
16. Energy
17. Before it all Falls...
18. (Outro) I'm Still...
19. Normal Kidz

video samples

The Los Angeles Clippers and St. Louis Cardinals have chosen to use Breakout by My Hero as there theme song for home games. It was also licensed by Oxygen networks Bad Girl's Club and Showtimes The Franchise and performed live at The Capital One Halftime Show televised live on ESPN. The song was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Asaf Fulks at OC Recording. It is featured on Asaf Productions Vol 3.

The Natural - Walk Away ft. Erik Ron

Raelle - for U


LA Clippers Theme Song - Breakout which was composed, produced and engineered by Asaf Fulks at OC Recording

The Natural - Tour Guide ft. Stopha

Asaf Production Vol 1 Playlist