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Jamella Perkins and Asaf Fulks circa de 2006 — The early OC Recording days!

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.”

-Calvin Coolidge, 30th US President

Seems like yesterday that 9 year old Jamella Marie Perkins came into The OC Recording Company with her Mom Lisa Marie to record her first song in our studio. It was evident way back then that Jamella had a powerful voice, talent and she knew exactly what she was — a star! This drive, charisma and ability matched with her Mom’s love and determination to help her get there was a music industry explosion bound to go off! Throughout the years we recorded, mixed and mastered many records for Jamella. She continued to develop her vocals, become a beautiful woman and her drive never wavered — neither did her Mom’s belief in her. She recorded countless covers better than the originals and performed all over the place including many seasons at the Orange County fair. There were sessions that were a struggle. Growing pains and life’s difficulties settling in. Many artists would have thrown in the towel or not given 110%, but this did not stop Jamella. And today it’s evident that PERSISTENCE PAYS and Jamella’s killin’ it!

Asaf, Jamella and The Most Critical 11 years later (2017) at The House of Blues Anaheim

Good times with Jamella’s Mom Lisa Marie 
(2017) at The House of Blues Anaheim

After months of grueling auditions, Jamella was selected for this season of The Voice out of 44,000 applicants! In her blind audition, she performed Dive by Ed Sheeran and was selected by Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson — she chose Team Kelly. She won her first battle and has been featured on several NBC Behind the Voice segments. Read her interview on

We super proud of Jamella and inspired by her accomplishments. Make sure to tune in and support our homegrown Orange County homegirl #teamjamella #teamkelly — let’s get it!!!

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Jamella Marie Perkins - The Voice Jamella Marie Perkins - The Voice  Jamella Marie Perkins - The Voice