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Sundays in the studio are special. The church across the street is poppin’ and there’s a feeling of calm in the area. Cool energies plus good vibes equals art that’s SKYY HIGH! That’s exactly what happened this past Sunday at The OC Recording Company! Creative juices were flowin’. Yakira Shimoni Fulks was in her art studio photographing new watercolors for her website https:/ Meanwhile, Memo Skyy, Riddlez and I were recording, mixing and mastering their new single “What Would You Do” — a record that could very well be the 2018 song of the summer! The upbeat, poppy, retro feel and catchy melodies provide a killer contrast with Memo’s powerful vocals and Riddlez edgy rap. It’s a feel good love song with substance and a full bodied music flava — be on the the lookout! If you asked asked me “What Would You Do — on a Sunday”, I’d say there’s no place I’d rather be! -Asaf Fulks

Recording Studio in Orange County, CA Sony C800G Microphone Neumann KM184 Mic Kira Fulks artist watercolors Memo Skyy Riddlez1 Memo Skyy Riddlez  Recording Studio in Orange County, California