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September marks The OC Recording Company’s 15th anniversary! BIG ‘Thank YOU’ to all who have supported us throughout our journey!

This year we expanded our services to include professional photography and videography. Chillout in OC at The OC Recording Company features all of my “practice” shots in and outside of the studio as I was building my new cinema rigs. This video features Yakira Shimoni Fulks, C-Nice, Rosevelt, Hot Boi, Memo Skyy, John Kushman, Antonio Pullano of Lovin’ Life and Dave Sauerbrey of Crown Jewel. We were also visited by beautiful Northern Harrier hawks and other wildlife outside the studio. I composed, produced and engineered the music with my OCRCO students. All organic sounds recorded through a microphone in and around the studio!

I’m about to shut down for my third year law school finals. Wishing you the best. I’ll see you on the other side in October. Let’s get it, get it, get it!