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Oh look, Oh Look Miss Yakira Shimoni Fulks has done it again! Another fire video infused with poignant poetry and scintillating spoken word. Please subscribe and share

Oh Look!

Oh Look! Oh Look!
what has become —
a world full of people
fearful and numb.

Panic has punctured
a hole in our structure
in the Home of the Brave
and the Land of the Free.

Fearing ourselves
fearing each other
fearing the world
with no place to cover.

Inside and alone
outside pass a hearse —
neighbors and loved ones
becoming a curse.

No bombs no missiles
not even a rocket
has shut down the world
and unplugged the socket.

Frenzy stricken politicians
singin’ doomsday
and blues are preachin’
making the lonely and the smug
scared and sickened by a bug.

‘Tis fear of ourselves
and fear of each other
suspicion and fear
that kill us and smother.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
March 21, 2020 | OC, California

Poetry and Spoken Word: Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Videography: Yakira Shimoni Fulks and Asaf Fulks

Music Production and Audio Engineering: Asaf Fulks
The OC Recording Company

Copyright 2020 | Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Poetry | All Rights Reserved

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