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Where do we begin? To the naked eye things may not look a whole lot different. But, we made quite a few major upgrades at The OC Recording Company in the past few months. We will get into mics in a different post, but just with respect to the control room we’ve added: New Lynx Aurora (n) converters. Tube Tech, Dw Fearn, Universal Audio, Millenia, Great River and Summit Preamps. 16 channels of tape emulation by handsome audio (Zulu) and Empirical Labs (Fatso). Analog EQ/Compression by Summit, API, Retro, TK Audio and Tube Tech. New Nord Grand Keyboard along with more from Nord, Yamaha, Korg, Moog, and Roland Sound Modules. In the box, we got an Avid HDX card along with many new plugins. The list goes on. This is as good as it gets. Reserve your session today to take advantage of these incredible pieces!