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Asaf David Fulks new solo album OC BANDWAGON is now playing! In case you missed his debut solo album OC EXPRESS, there’s still time to jump on the BANDWAGON!

Whether or not you are DRIFTIN AWAY this timeless adventure is guaranteed to have you EARTHBOUND. We will be exploring SOULIT sound waves where LOVE HAS TAKEN OVER. Through the CLOUDFALL know that I AM DOWN to see this through. Keep your eyes off the REAR VIEW and enjoy the ride! To purchase this once in a lifetime adventure, please visit itunes, spotify and all major digital distributors. We are now departing, so jump aboard or face the C0NSEQUENCES of waiting for my next album. -Asaf

#OCBANDWAGON is a unique contemporary mix of pop, r&b, electronic, and alternative music. It features heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, innovative production and my signature quality sound. It includes 8 songs which I wrote, performed, produced, engineered and created graphics/music videos for each song over the past two years at The OC Recording Company in Orange County, California. Special thanks to my Mom Yakira Shimoni Fulks for her help throughout every phase of this masterpiece Contributions by my IN THE STUDIO students Josh Robin, Ali Bundakji and Lucas Garcia.

Asaf David Fulks - OC Bandwagon CD

Asaf David Fulks - OC BANDWAGON Asaf David Fulks - OC BANDWAGON

Purchase the physical CD at: